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Olivia Harms: Life on the Road, Texas Takeaways, and the Future of Honky Tonk

I drove out to the sleepy town of Tolar, situated in the greater north Texas region between Granbury and Stephenville, destined for a century old former drug store that was converted into a pop-up boutique store run by friendly folks. In the sunny front corner of the store, Olivia Harms was playing an acoustic set of her songs to a crowd that changed every five minutes. The native Oregonian would have a story for each song then would play her heart out just as if she was working a stadium crowd.

Olivia’s smooth vocals would be exhibited when performing her original songs like “Neon Blue” and “Hey There Cowboy” whilst she donned a southwestern pattern dress with turquoise jewelry, seemingly matching the venue’s inventory for sale.

In an interview with Texas Country Tour, Olivia discussed her music, life on the road, and her next steps as a rising artist. Answers have been edited for clarity and brevity.


Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Olivia Harms and I’m from Canby, Oregon. I call myself a “Nashville Commuter”. I’ve been going back and forth to Nashville for the past 4 or 5 years. I usually schedule my times where I’d stay for a week or two where I’ll do all my co-writing, some shows, then I run back to Oregon or the northwest. Now it’s expanded, thank goodness! Now I’m getting to perform everywhere from the midwest to Texas. This way I can both travel and tour whilst keeping a presence in Nashville for writing. It’s kinda like I’m there part-time then tour the rest of the time, playing my traditional country music.

What is a typical day like for yourself?

Oh, that’s hard! There’s no real day that's truly the same for me; that’s why I love what I do. I'll give you an example from the last few weeks that I’ve been on tour. I’m living in my trailer. I’ll get up and hang out with my dogs, have my coffee, and get my social media taken care of for the day. I’ll exercise, walk the dogs, write e-mails where I’ll stay up to date on the business side of music. I’ll go out and play a gig in the evening, meet some new people, and see somewhere new.

So far, what would you say is your favorite thing about Texas?

The people are very nice. I think Oregonians are nice, but Texans are next-level. Everyone I meet says, “Well if you ever need a place to park your trailer or anything, just let us know!” The people are all so welcoming. I also feel that I fit in! Being from Oregon, I come from a ranch where there is a ton of agriculture. For me to walk around in my hat, my boots, and my entire style; I don’t feel like I’m out of place! I also think my music fits very well because around here is the cowboy lifestyle and the built-in love for western authenticity. It’s been a good fit so far. I’m trying not to move, but it’s tempting!

Do you get homesick often?

I originally thought that I might. The biggest thing is that I have my dogs with me because they really are like my fur children. Having them makes me feel at home. Also, I’m not living in hotel rooms, so I have all the comforts of home in my little trailer. I’m not constantly re-packing nor hotel hopping. My mom did come visit me for a little while. My mom and I are really close. I always stay connected with my family. Having my mom come see me for a week is perfect then I’m ready to go again!

What are you hoping to add to the country music genre?

I’m really hoping to bring back honky tonk! Down here in Texas, it’s not anything new for you guys. Where I come from in the northwest, honky tonks, country-western swing, and traditional country is dying. I would hope to give it a resurgence and bring it back. I love the twin fiddles and steel guitar. Two-steppin’ music kinda lacks currently in contemporary country music, sadly.

What are your goals for 2022?

Oh, gosh. That’s a good one! I’d like growth; both personal and career. I would love to have more business growth. I’d actually like to play in a lot more places down here in Texas because I’ve had such a wonderful reception. Everyone has been so nice! I’m coming back in the months of March and April. I’ll be down here in my trailer, traveling around. I ultimately want growth. It takes baby steps. Maybe a song of mine will make it onto a Spotify playlist like “Texas Country Now”. I just want to keep the momentum going.


Olivia Harms is an adventurous go-getter that takes her music from town to town, enabling the organic growth of her sound. With her dogs (Luna and Elmer) by her side, she follows her dream of musical success throughout the United States, captivating folks one small venue at a time.

You can connect with Olivia on social media: her Instagram is @OliviaHarmsOfficial and her Twitter is @TheOliviaHarms. Be sure to check out her website to catch a performance near you and purchase some of her merchandise.

She’ll be returning to the Lone Star State both this month and later in the spring.

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