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Two Step Inn Music Festival 2024: Weathering the Storm for a Texas-Sized Bash

Festival attendees dance the weekend away at the 2024 Two Step Inn Festival in Georgetown, Texas.

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS - Our debut at the Two Step Inn Music Festival in Georgetown, TX, was nothing short of epic. Rolling onto the scene from Fort Worth for a Saturday day trip, we were met with a sprawling venue that screamed, "Let's party!" But Mother Nature had her own plans, threatening to throw a curveball with a looming thunderstorm.

In a quick pivot, festival organizers reshuffled the lineup, aiming to wrap things up by 8 pm to dodge the storm's wrath. But did that dampen our spirits? Not one bit.

With three stages scattered across San Gabriel Park, the music kept on rolling. From Cody Johnson's high-octane set to Pat Green's Texas twang, Colter Wall's raw vibes (seriously, it sounded like Johnny Cash was on stage), and Ian Munsick's smooth mountain tunes, we were treated to a smorgasbord of sounds that kept us grooving.

And let's not forget the "Country Curious" DJ booth, where even the most die-hard cowboy found themselves toe-tapping to some electric boot scooting.

But what really impressed us? The organizers' commitment to keeping everyone safe. With a hassle-free security check-in, hydration stations serving up free water, and first responders keeping a watchful eye, we felt like we were in good hands.

As media folks, we lucked out with access to VIP lounges, complete with lockers and air-conditioned bathrooms. Trust me, those creature comforts were a godsend in the Texas weather.

Despite the threat of rain, the Two Step Inn Music Festival proved that nothing can rain on Texas' parade. As we bid adieu to Georgetown, we couldn't help but look forward to next year's shindig. Here's to more music, more memories, and maybe a little less weather drama.

Did you attend the 2024 Two Step Inn?

  • Yes!

  • No, but hopefully next year!

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